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Our promise:
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In the face of the housing crisis, it may seem like tenants’ rights are suffering, or being ignored by the growing landlord companies. But tenants are strongly protected under German law, where tenants and landlords are seen as equal partners in a contract. With our help, you can redress this balance and take back your rights.

This means it’s free to make a claim, and to take that claim through to the end. There are no hidden costs, no risks and you won’t have to worry about heavy legal bills or incalculable court fees.

Our contingency fees correlate directly to the amount of money we save you. In most cases, this fee falls far below the fee of a regular lawyer or court visit.

Here’s an overview of our contingency fees:*

» Rent Control (Mietpreisbremse)

The contingency fee for claims involving the Mietpreisbremse is a one-time payment of 5x the amount you will be saving each month (inclusive of VAT). Usually, you do not pay anything directly to us. Our fee comes from the security deposit you have already paid to your landlord. As your rent is reduced, your needed security deposit is also reduced, and your landlord will pay the extra (which works out as 5x your new monthly savings) directly to us. If the case goes to court, we take care of all additional costs.

» Rent Increase

If we successfully help you to avoid a proposed rent increase by your landlord, our contingency fee is 3x your monthly rent saving (inclusive of VAT). This fee covers the cost of lawyers and possible court fees.

» Property Defects

If you commission CONNY with the enforcement of a rent reduction and the elimination of the rental defect, you will receive an individual offer after reviewing the facts.

If you have already remedied the defect yourself and CONNY was able to successfully obtain a compensation payment, ⅓ of the negotiated compensation will be charged as commission.

» Reclaimed costs for cosmetic repair

If we successfully remove your obligation to pay for cosmetic repairs to your apartment, or if we retract costs from your landlord, our contingency fee is 249€.

» Renovation upon Leaving

If we successfully remove your liability to pay for renovation costs, our contingency fee is 249€ (inclusive of VAT). This fee covers all lawyer and court fee costs.

» Termination of a rental contract: Successful halt

If we successfully reverse the termination of your rental contract for you, our contingency fee amounts to one month’s basic rent (inclusive of VAT).

» Termination of rental contract: Compensation

If we successfully enforce your right to compensation after you were forced out of a contract, our fee will be a third of the reached settlement amount (inclusive VAT). Providing your landlord is responsible for the refund, we will receive our share of the balance from them.

» Tenant protection by

From only 4€ per month, you can insure yourself against disputes with your landlord and obtain legal advice on tenancy law matters by legal experts.

»You can find further information on our plans here.

» Corona respite of tenant protection by

Receive a free letter template to register the suspension of rent, legal protection, legal advice and other benefits. The first three months are free now! After that you can use our service from 4€ per month.

* In addition to the contingency fee, a tariff rate will be charged according to the Lawyer’s Fees Act, which we will take from your landlord. For particulars, please see our terms of business for your case.